Occasional Fasting Takes Off Pounds

Occasional Fasting Takes Off Pounds

Do you ever feel the need to lose weight but just can’t find the time to exercise? If you’ve been wondering how you can lose weight, feel healthier, and not spend long hours in the gym, then you have to read this: fasting can help you.

Some researches suggest that a low-calorie diet for at least five days each month help people lose weight, lower their cholesterol , fat, and blood pressure measurements. People lose at least five pounds after three months on this fasting routine.

Apart from the lower measurements, people who fast also experienced less evidence of inflammation which is linked to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. They also manifested better control of their sugar levels thus reducing their diabetes risks.

The diet is called the fasting-mimicking diet and is based on a specific product line that provides 750-1,100 calories a day from the soup packets, food bars, and teas.

The study was funded by the National Institute of Aging and the National Cancer Institute. The diet was composed of products that provided a balance of plant-based nutrients which are heavy on unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates.

The study started with 100 volunteers composed most of whom are overweight but not obese. Out of the number, 70 stuck with them for the six-month study.

Half of the participants lived and ate normally for three weeks each month and then followed by a diet for five straight days. After three months, those who were non-dieters went on the diet. Five days was chosen as the researches believed that this is the minimum length of time needed to get the effects.

Victor Longo and his colleagues from the USC’s Longevity Institute, School of Gerontology and Department of Biological Sciences, authors of the research, has conducted the study on animals for years and he and his team pushed to do it on people with the permission from the Food and Drug Administration. They aimed to prove that diet can lower risks of diabetes and help in better disease control.

With the help of the prepared product which contains a planned balance of fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids, the researches worked on to prove their theory.

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