30 Days Without Sugar

30 Days Without Sugar

When first reading this title, many things might come to your mind that intrigue you. First off, why would anyone want to torture themselves with this challenge? Second of all, what’s the point to this? Last but not least, does it work?

I think many people just assume sugar to be cookies, cake and sweets that everyone craves; what people don’t understand is sugar is in almost anything you could think of that you consume daily. Sugar can cause many health problems if consumed too much.

Avoiding sugar can help prevent these health problems as well as increase other positive affects such as clear skin, more energy, fewer headaches and cravings, losing weight and many more.

Here are the rules:

  1. Go grocery shopping and pay attention to ingredients
  2. No added sugars such as sweeteners, or flavored alcoholic beverages
  3. Limit the amount of fruit since it contains natural sugar
  4. Look up fun recipes that are sugar free
  5. Stay calm and focused

You will soon realize and notice the benefits of this challenge and hopefully it will help control your cravings for the future and put you on a safe healthy track.


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